Mackley Repairing the Victoria Breakwater

Mackley is currently carrying out a program of works to repair and improve a half-mile long structure which protects the harbor in the south Devon town of Brixham.

Photo courtesy of Mackley

First erected in 1843, Victoria Breakwater was severely damaged during Storm Emma in March 2018.

Working on behalf of Torbay Council, Mackley has been contracted to rectify the damage and improve the breakwater for the future defense of the harbor – which plays a key role in helping the small fishing town to thrive.

The works, which are taking place to a tidal program over the winter months, involve reinforcement of the breakwater with rock armor and precast concrete units.

The rock armor comprises locally sourced Cornish Granite – which is being delivered by sea and installed by barge onto the breakwater’s seaward elevation and bullnose.

To conclude the project Mackley will also carry out secondary works including masonry, concreting and other ancillary tasks.