North Wildwood Beaches to Get New Sand

The City of North Wildwood is beginning its annual shore protection and replenishment project of moving sand from the City of Wildwood to North Wildwood.

According to the city’s officials, the replenishment project started Monday, April 22, 2019.

During the project, North Wildwood beaches will intermittently be closed at various sections from 2nd – 26th Avenues while the work is being completed.

The city’s appointed contractor will continue work to replenish the beaches from erosion, which occurred over the 2018-19 fall/winter months, the city officials said.

The temporary staging area for the project will be between 15th and 16th Avenues on the beach between the boardwalk and the dune.

They also added that a large amount of sand was also stockpiled in-house by the Department of Public Works this winter, which will greatly assist this year’s replenishment efforts. That stockpiled sand is between 24th – 16th Avenues on the beachfront.

Beach Closed signs and fencing will be posted at various beach entrances throughout Wildwood and North Wildwood throughout the course of this project.

The officials expect that all work regarding this year’s sand back pass project will be completed prior to the Memorial Day holiday weekend.


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