Upgrading Motor Control Center Aboard Rohr-Idreco Dredger

Rohr-Idreco Dredge Systems completed a job recently that involved an electrical upgrade for a customer from Ohio who currently owns a Rohr-Idreco Overhead Gantry Clamshell Dredge, originally built in 1993.

“They reached out to us and asked for our help upgrading the Motor Control Center (MCC) aboard their floating clamshell dredge,” Rohr-Idreco said in its announcement.

“Our team of engineers were tasked with the challenge of redesigning a layout for the new MCC, and all while at the same time making sure that the Clamshell Dredge would also keep operating at maximum capacity.”

Once the planning and design phase of the project was completed, Rohr-Idreco team of Field Service Technicians began by removing the dredge’s older equipment from the electrical container and replacing it with newly upgraded equipment.

This new equipment included the motor control center, a new 480-volt, 2000-amp switchboard and 480-volt 400-amp panel board, new wiring from the existing PLC to the new MCC equipment, and additional programming where required.

Also per the customer’s request, the Rohr-Idreco crew installed new combination starters for each of the floating conveyors which would allow the capability of local control and disconnects on each conveyor.

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