VDAB Opts for Kongsberg Dredging Simulator

VDAB, the Flemish Service for Employment and Vocational Training, has chosen a dredging simulator developed by Kongsberg on its K-Sim Navigation technology platform.

“Selected during a multi-million Euro public tender initiated in September 2018 with the contract signed this April, the system will be installed at VDAB’s training facility in Zeebrugge, Belgium, where new and experienced vessel crew will take part in the most realistic dredging training exercises available,” according to an official announcement.

“VDAB’s new capabilities will enable safer dredging by further building crew competence, while also providing a platform to focus on more cost-effective operations.”

The K-Sim simulator gives students a deep understanding of the forces applied on a dredging vessel during operations in diverse external conditions, i.e., when releasing or hauling dredge pipes, and the resulting behaviors under various loading conditions.

Under the agreement, Kongsberg will provide multiple dredging vessel models and sailing areas to ensure VDAB’s ability to offer a diverse training program for the dredging sector.

A new seabed mathematical and visual model will provide the most accurate and realistic view of the seabed available ensuring realistic feedback on actions taken in the simulator.

The simulator features an advanced instructor system, with easy exercise development and the ability to implement unexpected events and malfunctions, helping students to gain greater understanding of the dynamic nature of dredging operations.


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