West Beach Project Continues in Dorset

Rock deliveries for the multi-million pound sea defense project at West Bay, West Dorset, are now complete, the local officials reported yesterday.

Over the last two weeks, large rocks were delivered by barges to West Beach so that new and improved sea defenses can be constructed.

In total, over 40,000 tonnes of rock was imported on to the beach.

Now with the rock deliveries being complete, the new sea wall will be covered with sand and slowly extended westwards towards East Pier.

Officials expect that the full installation of the rock groynes and revetment will take approximately two months to complete.

The works will involve the use of large excavators, dump trucks and bulldozers.

According to the Dorset Council, West Beach will be closed until early July for the duration of works and access to East Beach will be restricted at certain times.


Photo: Photo courtesy of the West Bay UK