Mobile Pulley Works to Equip CSD General MacArthur

Artist’s rendition of the CSD General MacArthur (Callan Marine photo)

Mobile Pulley Works (MPW) of Mobile (Alabama), USA, has been awarded an important new contract by BEAN Coastal LLC, a subsidiary of Callan Marine Ltd from Galveston (Texas).

MPW Owner, Billy Prine said that the contract includes the design, construction, delivery and installation of the complete dredging equipment package for a new powerful cutter suction dredger (CSD), which, when completed, will be one of their newest major assets within its dredging fleet.

This new CSD, which will carry the name “General MacArthur”, will have a total installed power of 24,000 HP (approx. 18,000 kW) and the diameter of its discharge pipe will be 31.5 inch. (approx. 800 mm).

Robert Jonk, Vice President of Sales at MPW, has announced that MPW’s delivery includes all major dredging components, such as the cutter ladder, A-frame, suction and discharge pipeline, gate valves, submerge dredge pump, two onboard dredge pumps, 5 and 6 blade cutters, christmas tree, anchorboom system and spud carrier installation.

The latest innovations will be incorporated in the design of these components, which will be cast, machined and constructed at one of the facilities of MPW in Mobile.

In addition to the equipment for the CSD itself, MPW will also deliver the ball joints and pontoons for the floating discharge pipeline.


Photo: Artist’s rendition of the CSD General MacArthur (Callan Marine photo)

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