AMSA: Perth to Host ‘Perspectives on Dredging’ Symposium

Australia has experienced unprecedented levels of dredging over the last two decades and recently there has been a focus on dredging research in Western Australia.

As a result, there have been some incredible advances in the understanding of impacts to the marine environment from dredging and how to better predict, monitor and manage dredging programs (i.e. WAMSI DSN).

The “Perspectives on Dredging” AMSA symposium will take place on the 7 – 11 July at the Fremantle Esplanade in Perth, gathering scientists, regulators, resource managers, industry and consultants – anyone with practical experience of dredging practices in the marine environment.

The session, part of the AMSA nation-wide conference titled “Marine Science for a Blue Economy”, will focus on impact prediction, monitoring and the lessons learnt from implementing the vast range of dredging programs ranging from those associated recent mega-projects in Western Australian and Queensland, to small maintenance dredging programs in coastal waterways.

“Perspectives on Dredging” will provide an opportunity for dredging professionals to demonstrate their contemporary practical experience and how the impacts of dredging on the marine environment are predicted, managed and monitored in real-world scenarios.

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