La Ceiba Port Dredging Kicks Off

CSD Inder 9, Image source:

The preparations for the Port of La Ceiba modernization program in Venezuela – part of the President Nicolás Maduro’s National Port System strengthening plan – are currently underway. 

CSD Inder 9, Image source:

This capital development scheme is set to kick off with the execution of dredging operations at this port terminal in Trujillo, the Venezuela’s Ministry of Ground Transport said in its latest release.

The work, to be conducted with the cutter suction dredger (CSD) Inder 9, will allow the docking of larger vessels, increasing the frequency and volume of cargo to be transported from the Andean Region to any part of the world through the La Ceiba Port.

Commenting the latest news, the General Manager of the Port of La Ceiba, Gabino Alonso, highlighted the necessity of this modernization program, adding that the port infrastructure needs to be optimal for the transfer of all agricultural and mining products, creating major benefits for the entire Pan American Axis and the Andean Region.