Whyalla Breakwater Project Completed

The breakwaters at the marina have been fully re-opened following the completion of strengthening work, reports the Whyalla City Council, South Australia.

Local company Whyalla Earthworks conducted the third stage of the breakwater rock armor installation project over the last two weeks to strengthen the inner-face of the breakwater.

The first stage of the project involved carting in 180 five-tonne rocks and strategically placing them along the sea-facing breakwater in June this year. The second stage of works saw another 200 rocks placed along the breakwater.

The contractor has finished the work last Friday, July 19, and while every care has been taken to place the rocks, the public is asked to be careful of potentially unstable rocks that may take time to settle, reported the Council.

In the end, the Council thanked residents for their patience during the project saying that this work will further ensure the marina and its breakwater walls remain safe and stable for years to come.