Update on Cape Henry Beach Replenishment

The sand replenishment project on Cape Henry Beach wrapped up short of reaching Oak Street because the contractor ran out of sand from dredging out the Lynnhaven Inlet, reports the Bayfront Advisory Commission.

BAC also added that the Army Corps’ contractor is still dredging in Long Creek and the spoils are being taken to the storage site off Maple Street.

As reported, dredging and replenishment projects involve specific sources for sand and destinations.

The contract for the Cape Henry project ended Aug. 30., although city officials are looking at whether the stored sand on Maple Street can be used on eroded areas of Ocean Park or to add to the Cape Henry beach.

Decisions on that will depend on how Bay beaches fared during Hurricane Dorian.

The contract for the Lynnhaven Inlet Federal Navigation Project was awarded to Cottrell Contracting Corp. last April.

Under the deal, around 170,000 cubic yards of dredged material was to be placed on Cape Henry and nearby beaches for secondary storm-risk reduction and recreational benefit.



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