VIDEO Update: The 18th Caisson in Place at Anse du Portier Monaco

Anse du Portier Monaco has just released the latest update on their land reclamation project, saying that the 18th caisson – the C0 – is now in position.

Its function is to protect the entrance to the port and limit agitation inside.

At the beginning of the project, it did not exist. The possibility of building a seawall had been mentioned. But a seawall, as could be designed by a port engineer, is a maritime structure that is functional but does not fit into the aesthetic criteria.

Landscape designers and architects therefore proposed to transform this seawall, which is structurally similar to a caisson, into a pool.

As it is a question of maintaining proximity to the sea, this pool of unique design in terms of offshore structure and equipped with bay windows overlooking the sea was positioned extremely low.

To date, there is no reference to an offshore structure of this nature.

About the project

Since the early 19th century, Monaco has gained an additional 100 acres at sea, accounting for 20% of its territory.

Now, a new construction has begun with a project to extend the natural contour of Monaco’s coastline a further 15 acres into the Mediterranean.

The project constant objective is to reduce its environmental impact.


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