Stage 3 of the Quinns Beach Project About to Begin

The City of Wanneroo, WA, has presented plans for the Stage 3 of the Quinns Beach Long Term Coastal Management project.

Image source: City of Wanneroo

As reported, the Stage 3 coastal management works are scheduled to commence from 14 October 2019 with some mobilization works to occur on 11 October 2019.

The Stage 3 works include upgrades and extension of Groyne 3 (located at the southern extent of the Quinns Dog Beach) and beach re-nourishment.

The area adjacent to the groyne construction works will be managed with temporary fencing and signage as required, the city officials announced.

They also added that all major works relating to groyne construction and beach re-nourishment are expected to be completed by Christmas, subject to suitable weather conditions.

Overall, the Quinns Beach Long Term Coastal Management project includes:

  • Stage 1 (2017/18) – Groyne 4, Beach Access Ramp and Beach Re-nourishment;
  • Stage 2 (2018/19) – Extension of Groyne 2 and Beach Re-nourishment; and
  • Stage 3 (2019/20) – Extension of Groyne 3 and Beach Re-nourishment.