Dagupan Flood Protection Plan Unveiled, Dredging Included

The Flood Mitigation Commission (FMC) of Dagupan City is proposing the creation of a topographic survey and construction of river and flood dikes and floodgates to address the perennial flooding in the area.

According to the Philippines News Agency (PNA), these are among the proposals in the Flood Mitigation Report which the FMC submitted to Mayor Marc Brian Lim on Wednesday.

A 142-page report identified the main problems of flooding in the city, most of which are man-made, such as the absence of several engineering plans, including a topographic map to determine elevation of streets and flow of rainwater.

“Topographic map is a master plan to understand the direction of sewage water and control tide waters, an inventory of the city’s sewer system, and an invert elevation plan for city road constructions,” the city’s Public Information Office (PIO) said in a statement.

The FMC also proposes to build pumping stations that should be strategically placed in areas, such as Rizal-Galvan-Zamora creek behind Star Plaza Hotel in Poblacion Oeste near the Eternal Gardens, and at Arellano creek, and massive dredging of the rivers’ heavily silted areas to increase its capacity and maximizing the depth and flow of water.