Botswana: K.Hill Feasibility Study Kicks Off

Giyani Metals Corp. yesterday announced the commencement of the feasibility study for its K.Hill manganese deposit in Botswana with positive initial feedback from SRK, Tetra Tech and Royal IHC after their three-day site visit to K.Hill in late December 2019.

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Following the successful FS bid from SRK Consulting and joint bid from Tetra Tech and Royal IHC, that was announced on December 13, 2019, Giyani organized a three-day site visit for the team of consultants, who will be the project leads for their respective practices to survey the K.Hill project area.

The aim was to provide them with first-hand experience of the location, terrain, infrastructure and various other aspects related to the overall project.

During the site visit, the team surveyed the K.Hill deposit, and the surrounding area to consider potential locations for the mine, processing plant, waste rock and tailings facilities. The team also assessed the area’s infrastructure to develop an initial understanding of the requirements to build and operate the K.Hill project.

Additionally, the team inspected the drill hole locations from the 2018 resource drilling program and considered potential drill hole locations for the infill drilling program for 2020.

Another aspect the team considered during the site visit was any potential benefits and impacts of the K.Hill project on the town of Kanye, which will be examined in detail in the environmental and social impact assessment to be run in parallel with the FS.