Manson Wraps Up Oceanside Harbor Dredging

The City of Oceanside Harbor, CA, dredging project is now wrapped up, according to the Army Corps.

Image source: City of Oceanside Harbor

Last week, the city received an email from USACE regarding the status of the dredge.

In the letter the Corps said: “Due to extenuating circumstances the Oceanside Harbor Dredging project will be shutting down Saturday March 21st for the year.

The contractor – Manson Construction has just passed 200,000 cubic yards of material and is making every effort in the remaining time to make the channel as safe as possible and give us the best chance at making it through the Summer, Fall, Winter and early Spring with a safe Navigational Channel,” added the Corps.

We will watch the channel closely by monitoring the depths in the channel and making any determinations as to whether we can make it through the winter or if we will need to try and get them back in the fall,” said USACE.

The Corps concluded that this is another unexpected outcome. On the positive side, the beach has a lot of new sand extending all the way to Tyson Park, the Harbor channel has been dredged to a safe depth and all dredge equipment and pipe will be gone within 7-10 days.