Carteret County Beachfill Almost Done

The Carteret County Shore Protection Office announced yesterday that they are right on track with the Phase II of the Post Florence Renourishment Project.

Image source: Carteret County

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock and their hopper dredge Ellis Island have been working uninterrupted and completed the Pine Knoll Shores reach (“Reach 9”) on April 3rd, reported the Shore Protection Office.

Later in that afternoon, the Salter Path Reach (“Reach 7”) was initiated and nourishment is currently progressing eastward from the submerged pipeline landing in the middle of the reach.

We are anticipating to complete the Salter Path reach on April 8th (Wednesday), and will transition to West Emerald Isle (“Reach 2”) later that day,” the county said.

According to the officials, it should take approximately 2 weeks to complete the West Emerald Isle reach, and therefore the project as a whole.

Roughly speaking, the project is 80% complete in terms of both geography (linear feet) and nourishment volume (cubic yards).