Emerald Isle Nourishment Update: Efforts Continue Along the Shores

Image source: carteretcountync.gov

Beach nourishment efforts are continuing along the shores of Emerald Isle, between the Lands End subdivision and east of the Western Ocean Regional Access area, the Town of Emerald Isle, North Carolina, said in their latest project update.

According to the most recent project schedule, sand placement is likely to begin this week and continue for a period or two-weeks (+/-).

“It is important to note that beach goers are likely to see construction materials locally staged. These materials (pipes) will be visible before, during and immediately following sand placement,” the town stated.

Following reconstruction of the sand dunes, a mechanical planter will reestablish natural vegetation along the shoreline.

The bulk of the bulldozers, lights, surveying equipment, etc. is confined to the narrow area where the slurry of sand and water is being pumped directly on to the beach. The pipe is extended as the nourishment fill progresses further down the beach, and will subsequently be dissembled and moved throughout the project.

Also, sand bridges will be built over the pipeline stretch at a minimum of every few 100 feet and at every regional beach access point to enable residents and visitors to access the water, the town said.