Carteret County Nourishment Update

After this early week’s storm and coincident refueling of the hopper dredger Ellis Island, Carteret County is back to work pumping sand from a submerged pipeline (Line 7) that emerges near the Sea Dunes Subdivision. 

“Nourishment is currently progressing east from this point, and after this morning’s pump-out of a load of sand, we are at Emerald Isle’s Western Regional Access (Station 128+00),” said the county.

There is roughly 6,500 linear feet remaining for the Western Emerald Isle reach, and therefore the project (total project 49,900 feet!), or approximately 260,000 cubic yards remaining out of the 1,995,000 cubic yard total.

Forecasted completion is April 27th (dredging/pumping should be completed on April 30th).

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