Working to Reduce Risk of Flooding in Sandwich, Kent

Working on behalf of the Environment Agency, Mackley is delivering emergency flood prevention works to protect the historic town of Sandwich in Kent.

Sandwich lies close to the coast on the River Stour, and a short section of approximately 35 metres of the river wall at Pillory Gate Wharf was identified as being on the verge of ‘catastrophic collapse’ – and therefore deemed to be posing a safety risk to the public.

The Environment Agency instructed Mackley to carry out emergency works to construct and install a new anchored sheet pile wall, with capping beam and new brick wall to match the existing vernacular.

The pile installation was programmed for three weeks, but the 41 sheet piles were actually successfully installed in just one week – using a 38T excavator with Movax and hammer attachments, operating from a jack-up barge.

A jack-up barge is a mobile platform used when working in a water environment. The legs are lowered to the riverbed to secure the barge in position, and then raised to allow it to be moved when required.