Preparations Underway for the Lavna Terminal Main Works

Oversite excavation is underway at the construction site of Lavna coal terminal (western coast of the Kola Bay) as part of preparations for the main phase of construction works, Federal Marine and River Transport Agency (Rosmorrechflot) posted on its official Instagram profile.

Image source: Rosmorrechflot

The news, also reported by PortNews, said that cleaning-up is being conducted for construction of a berth intended for ships of Marine Rescue Service.

According to Rosmorrechflot, the construction phase at the project site is now entering a new phase with ongoing vertical arrangements of the ground that will pave the way for the main part of construction works.

Construction of a coal port in Lavna, Murmansk Region, foresees dredging of more than 1 million cbm.

The coal transshipment facility Lavna will be one of the most advanced sea terminals in Russia. A deep-water berth of 660 meters in length will be able to accommodate two large bulk carriers with deadweight of 20 to 150,000 tonnes.