Hernesaari land reclamation kicks off

Dredging and land reclamation operations in Hernesaari are currently underway, the City of Helsinki reports.

The new residential area will be partially built on reclaimed sea areas. In preparation for this, the dredging on Hernesaari’s eastern coast already started in early June.

In the first stage, soft topsoil will be removed and transported to the basins on the Hernesaari coast. In a later stage, clay soil will be transported to spoil areas in the open sea. The construction of Jätkäsaari has also involved similar dredging and reclamation since 2009. The work is continuing at the extension of Melkinlaituri Pier.

“The dredging operations will not impact boat traffic. However, boaters are asked to maintain a distance of about 150 metres from the machinery,” according to their official release.

“Dredging will not affect water quality. Even in normal conditions, the ship traffic to and from the West Harbour stirs up sediment from the seabed into the water. The water permit for Hernesaari requires that water quality be monitored.”

The quality of seawater will also be co-monitored by the West Harbour.

Photo: City of Helsinki