Lido Key project set for July

The Lido Key Hurricane and Storm Damage Reduction Project is scheduled to begin in July, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Jacksonville District reports.

The scheme is located on Lido Key, a 2.4 mile long barrier island on the Gulf of Mexico in Sarasota County. The island is approximately 45 miles south of Tampa Florida.

The proposed program will be to nourish approximately 1.6 miles of shoreline on Lido Key using beach compatible material. 

The primary sand source will be portions of Big Sarasota Pass and ebb shoal, split over two borrow areas.

Under the official plan, two rubble mound groins will be constructed at the south end of Lido Key. They will consist of uniform 2-ton armor stones, placed on 12-inch-thick marine mattress foundation mats on geotextile fabric.

Project work also includes, but is not limited to, beach tilling, construction/vibration control and monitoring, turbidity monitoring, environmental species monitoring, beach fill remediation and incidental related work.

Photo: USACE