Renourishing Middle Park Beach

The City of Port Phillip, Victoria, is working with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to renourish Middle Park Beach between Mills and Langridge streets.

Project works are proposed to start this month, during winter, and be completed in spring 2020 prior to the summer peak, subject to favorable weather and conditions. Work will take place during the cooler months to mitigate public safety risks.

“Fencing and barriers will be installed to limit public access into the construction site. A fenced construction compound will be set-up for larger equipment including the sand dredge, booster pump and bulldozer,” the city said.

The works have been designed and engineered by independent coastal engineers to increase the beach area and minimize coastal erosion.

A dredge will be used to recover sand 750 metres offshore and pump it back onto the beach. This will build the beach to an initial width of about 35 metres at high tide.


A competitive public tender process in partnership with the Victorian Government was advertised in February 2020 with a contractor appointed in June 2020.

The successful contractor is MC Dredging & Port Development Pty Ltd.

The renourishment of Middle Park Beach is managed by the City of Port Phillip and funded by DELWP through a Deed of Grant.

Photo: Maritime Constructions