Arundel tidal defense scheme update

The Environment Agency has just released the latest update on their Arundel tidal defense scheme (ATDS), saying that all ground anchors have now been installed into the new river wall.

Works will continue this week to apply tension to the ground anchors to ensure the new structure achieves the appropriate design parameters for overall strength and stability. Backfilling up to design level will also take place to provide additional support to the newly constructed wall.

“Geotechnical investigations have been taking place on the landward side in order to determine the material behind the river wall and beneath properties. This will help us decide what equipment and methods will be needed for reinstatement and repairing damaged infrastructure. It continues to be important that these activities are appropriately delivered in a cost effective way,” said EA.

As the investigation work continues and detailed plans for re-instatement and repair develop, the Environment Agency will continue to work with affected residents directly. It is anticipated this work will involve increased activity and movement of material and/or equipment to River Road.

The large jack up barge has now been removed from the river and only some of the smaller floating equipment remains. This will likely be removed in the coming weeks as construction works are coming to an end.


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