Saint John dredging wraps up

With dredging work now complete to increase water depth at Market Slip, the City of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, now has increased dock space for small pleasure crafts to drop anchor on the Port Saint John side of Reversing Falls. 

City of Saint John

As of Friday afternoon, July 17, the docks have been set in the water, each approximately 30’ long, adding more space for several pleasure crafts. The docks will remain at Market Slip until the end of the boating season in the fall. 

“Saint John has an active and thriving port and is the only city on the Bay of Fundy, flanked by two incredible river systems,” said Mayor Don Darling.

”Market Slip has been a key entrance point into the city for centuries. It makes sense to have a more accessible docking area that continues to welcome residents and visitors into our city to dine, shop and enjoy all the treasures uptown Saint John has to offer.” 

The Market Slip area was last dredged in 2004. Since that time, sediment had built up from natural siltation, meaning the City could only deploy three of the docks intended for Market Slip due to the limited depth.  

This spring, approximately 3,000 m3 of material was removed from the area as a result of a partnership between the City of Saint John and Port Saint John, each funding 50 per cent of the initial cost.

Dredging began in May and took approximately four weeks to complete.