All set for Cork Harbor dredging

A maintenance dredging program will be taking place in Cork Harbor on all main shipping channels and berths, starting 19th August 2020.

Dredging is a multi-million-euro operation and is a necessary process undertaken periodically in the Port of Cork with a major campaign scheduled at three yearly intervals, to remove sediment and natural deposition on the riverbed.

Dredging is required to maintain the required depth for commercial and other vessels navigating the waters of Cork Harbor, said the port.

It is expected that dredging will be completed by mid-October.

“All city and regional agencies and emergency services will be notified of the dredging campaign prior to commencement as required by our Dumping at Sea (DAS / Dredging) License,” said the port.

This DAS license is granted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and their Compliance team monitor the dredging and are in constant communication with the Port of Cork during the dredging campaign.