Successful delivery of Marlin Class dredge

DSC Dredge has just announced the successful delivery of its Marlin Class dredge to a valued DSC client.

DSC Dredge

Over the past 20+ months, DSC Dredge teams in Poplarville, MS and Reserve, LA have worked tirelessly to design, build and ship out two custom Marlin dredges.

“A huge thank you to all of our DSC team members who have worked so hard to make this project a success,” the company announced.

According to the announcement, last Friday, DSC Reserve team loaded out the final truck (#53) and bid it a safe journey up north.

“There is still work ahead, such as reassembly on site, but we wanted to pause and congratulate the team on a job well done,” the company added.

The Marlin Class dredge is designed to meet the needs of deep mining and aggregate deposits. The dredge is designed to reach extreme dredging depths due to its underwater pump system and high-torque cutter drive assembly.

Available with diesel or electric power, the Marlin can reach dredging depths down to 96 feet (29.3 m).

Standard discharge sizes range from 10 inches (250 mm) to 24 inches (600 mm).

With customization, the Marlin can reach dredging depths of 200 feet (61 m) and discharge sizes can range up to 36 inches (900 mm)—accommodating a wide range of applications and conditions while maximizing efficiency.