Upgraded Guangzhou Port begins new business era

With its deep-water channel widened from 243 to 385m, the upgraded Guangzhou Port has officially started its operations, China Communications Construction (CCCC) said in their latest announcement.


Designed and constructed by CCCC, the widening project for Guangzhou Port’s deep-water channel will put an end to the one-way navigation of large container ships between the mouth of the Pearl River and the Nansha Port area, allowing the channel to handle two-way navigation for 100,000-ton and 150,000-ton container vessels.

Guangzhou Port’s deep-water channel has been serving as a waterway transport artery to channels of many international ports.

The project will further improve the navigation efficiency of the channel, said CCCC.

This capital development program, which started its first phase construction in October 2016, has finished a total of six phases of construction in four years, setting new records for Guangzhou’s shipping channel construction in areas like preliminary coordination difficulty, construction difficulty and investment volume.