GCWA invests big in dredging

The Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA) will invest more than $35 million in their waterways city over the next four years.

The main goal of this investment is to upgrade facilities for boaties, maintain navigation and improve access through dredging navigation channels.

The centrepiece of their Waterways Management Program 2020-2024 is a $5.5 million investment in dredging the Gold Coast Seaway and the North and South navigation channels.

The Seaway is the gateway to the Gold Coast and this project supports safe, navigable access between the coast and inland waterways network.

Over the coming months, GCWA will ll be awarding tenders for other major works including Main Channel dredging and upgrades to the Sand Bypass System at The Spit.

Over the past 18 months GCWA completed several projects which generated 65 jobs locally, including:

  • The Coomera Dredged Sediment Facility and associated dredging works of the Coomera River ($10 million);
  • A new pontoon at Alberton ($380,000);
  • West Crab Island and South Wave Break Island channel dredging projects ($1.5 million), and
  • The upgrading and strengthening of the Sand Bypass System jetty at The Spit ($3.35 million).

Photo: gcwa.qld.gov.au