Oceanside dredging underway

The City of Oceanside Harbor, CA, said in their latest release that Manson Construction’s dredge vessel arrived yesterday and already started with dredging operations.

Dredged sand will be deposited at the Pier for two days and then will move southward for the remaining dredge cycle.

Heavy waves are expected in a few days, so Manson is trying to get ahead of schedule.

“They still expect to be completely gone by October 1st, however, we know from past experience, anything can happen,” the city said in their official statement.

City of Oceanside Harbor photo

The latest survey completed in September 2019, indicates that there is approximately 310,000 cubic yards of sand available to dredge, with an additional 80,000 cubic yards in the channel if dredged to the -30 feet.

Photo: City of Oceanside Harbor