Homer Harbor dredging progresses

USACE’s Alaska District has just released this beautiful photo of their cutterhead pipeline dredge during her work at Homer Harbor, Alaska.

The main goal of the project is to collect sand and gravel and to keep the entrance channel open.

USACE photo

In April, dredging operations cleared the U.S. Coast Guard berth by removing 8,012 cubic yards of material from the harbor.

“When current activities conclude in October, we expect to collect much more sediment,” said USACE.

The Alaska District dredges the Homer Harbor annually to ensure that more than 1,100 commercial fishing, government and private vessels continue to have year-round access to important port facilities that are protected from dangerous winds, waves and currents.

Once water is removed from the collected material through a dewatering process, the city uses the sediment for local projects.

USACE performs dredging activities all over Alaska to ensure vessels are able to use vital harbors and waterways without any obstructions to navigation.

Photo: USACE photo