Marelli electric motors for the new General MacArthur dredge

Marelli Motori USA service engineers have performed the final commissioning on two 6000HP, 5kV motors recently supplied to Callan Marine for their new build dredge General MacArthur.

The Texas-based contractor recently placed into service the largest and most powerful dredge in North America – with a total of 24,000 installed horsepower.

According to Marelli Motori, this is one of the largest deck pump motor applications in dredging industry. The motors will move the large deck pumps that carry the slurry from the cutter to the shore.

These motors have the highest kW/kg ratio ever realized on 710 frame sizes, stated Marelli Motori.

Additionally, the motors improved two sided ventilation using 4 auxiliary fan motors and 2 custom air to water heat exchangers. Thanks to this, the vessel now has superior cooling of the stator and rotor core.

These special heat exchangers also reduced the overall height to make for an easier installation and maintenance.

Photo: Marelli Motori