Port Nelson releases 2020 Annual Report

Port Nelson has released its 2020 Annual Report, showing the Port’s increasing strength and sustainability in the 2020 financial year – amid a series of challenges.

The most significant of these was the impact of COVID-19 on cargo volumes and the Main Wharf re-development project.

The Port’s total cargo for the 2020 financial year was 3.3 million Revenue Tonnes (RTs), said the Port.

Also, the Port is continuing its work on the resilience with its capital works program. This plan is set to address natural disasters and economic resilience.

These works involve the re-development of Main Wharf North which is progressing well and is due for completion early 2021. A proposed dredging scheme to help enable the safe passage of ships into the harbor is also included.

Commenting the latest report, Hugh Morrison, CEO of Port Nelson said: “We saw an outstanding response by exporters in Te Tauihu, who did a courageous job adjusting to the challenges of COVID-19 and kept exports flowing.”

Equally important , the Port continues its commitment to be zero carbon by 2050. This target has been embedded in the Port’s revised Environment Policy.

Photo: Port Nelson