South Bethany Beach dredging kicks off

Dredging and beachfill operations began yesterday in South Bethany Beach, Delaware.

Work is part of a periodic nourishment to maintain the dune and beach system that helps protect the community, said USACE.

The project is the result of a partnership between USACE and the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

Work, conducted by Weeks Marine, will involve dredging more than 732,000 cubic yards of sand from offshore sand borrow sites.

Sand is arriving through a series of pipes and placed on the beaches in Bethany and South Bethany.

Most of the work involves widening the beach while dunes will be repaired in certain areas.

In Bethany Beach, work will take place between Ocean View Parkway and Oakwood Street.

In South Bethany Beach, work will take place between Evergreen Road and several hundred feet south of Logan Street.

The contract also includes the planting of dune grass, installation of sand fencing, and repairs of dune crossover/access points.

Photo: Steve Pindale, USACE