USACE and city officials tour Folly Beach

Col. Bennett of the Army Corps yesterday met with the Mayor of Folly Beach, Tim Goodwin, and his staff to get a firsthand appreciation for the current conditions of Folly Beach.


They also discussed the Draft Coastal Storm Risk Management Feasibility Study. The study presents a proposed recommended plan for the coastal storm risk management project with continued federal participation for a period of 50 years of cost-shared re-nourishments.

USACE released the Integrated General Reevaluation Report and Environmental Assessment for the City on October 30th, 2020.

The study is revaluating the existing 50-year project on Folly Beach, which suffered damages in recent major storm events. The study will determine if a new 50-year project is warranted to replace the current project.

A new project, if approved and authorized, would supersede the existing project.

This 100% federally funded study is evaluating alternatives, both structural and non-structural. It also provides a holistic approach to shoreline erosion, wave damage and coastal storm surge based on engineering, economic, and environmental analyses.