Port of Workington dredging kicks off

Another one of Anthony D Bates Partnership maintenance dredging projects gets underway, this time in the Port of Workington.

Anthony D Bates Partnership

According to the company, the 2020 maintenance dredging campaign is in full swing now.

The Port of Workington is located at the mouth of the River Derwent on the North East coast of the UK.

Rhode Nielsen won this dredging contract following the evaluation of the first call-off tenders under the new Port of Workington Maintenance Dredging Framework.

The specialist dredging consultants Anthony D Bates Partnership LLP (ADBP) assisted the port with the formation of the Framework. ADBP also carried out the evaluation of the call-off tenders and are overseeing the dredging works on behalf of the port.

This maintenance dredging project is taking place in the Navigation Channel, Turning Basin and Dock. During the works, which will take 4-5 weeks to complete, the contractor will remove approximately 130,000m³ of dredged material.

As the port is tidally restricted, only shallow draught dredgers are suitable for the task. For this project, the contractor brought in their unique split hopper dredger, the Magni R.

In addition, the plough dredger Furness Abbey will assist the Magni R during the maintenance campaign.