USACE: Vilano Beach scheme in full swing

The USACE Jacksonville District has just released these amazing photos from their Coastal Storm Risk Management Project in St. Johns County.


The scheme includes both dune and beach berm construction along approximately 2.6 miles of coastline from Vilano Beach to South Ponte Vedra Beach.


The project is expected to continue until early 2021.

It is designed to restore critically-eroded shoreline and dunes, St. Johns County officials said.

In addition to the beach driving ban, the Surfside Park parking lot and pedestrian beach access point will be closed during the project, officials said.


Construction of the project will result in a resilient and efficient plan, aimed to significantly reduces damages, better enables emergency equipment to get into a coastal region for post-storm recovery efforts, ensures that evacuated residents can return home sooner, and avoids the high costs of cleanup and rebuilding structures.