Thames-Coromandel: Successful completion of the Flaxmill Bay work

Three groynes (15m-30m length) have been constructed as a five-year trial at Flaxmill Bay to mitigate erosion of the dunes and assist with building up a high tide beach, Thames-Coromandel District Council informs.

Work started last month and was completed on Friday, 4 December, one week ahead of schedule.

This project involved filling 80 geotextile bags with 2.5m3 of sand each from a pre-selected area below high tide, where the sand was previously washing to and accumulating.

Approximately 2.8m3 of sand was used to fill the bags and cover the constructed groynes to form a 15m wide high tide beach.

Sand push-ups will be required at times during the five-year trial period to maintain the cover over the groynes.

By the end of the trial period, it will be determined if the groynes will remain permanently in place.

The budget for the construction phase was approximately $200,000.

This project has been hugely supported by the Mercury Bay Community Board who have worked with the community to make this happen.