PHOTO: TSHD Meuse River dredging the Elbe

2020 was characterised by a number of milestone projects, including the historic Elbe deepening and widening project in Germany, informs DEME Group.


During the last weeks of the year the company’s newest trailing suction hopper dredger ‘Meuse River’ was deployed.

Since joining DEME fleet in June, ‘Meuse River’ has had a full order book and has been a top performer just like her sister vessel ‘Scheldt River’, which was also part of the DEME flotilla working on the Elbe in 2020.

The 7.950m³ Meuse River has the same innovative design as the award winning IHC-built TSHD Scheldt River, which joined the DEME fleet in 2017.

The vessel features several energy smart technologies, developed by DEME and IHC, such as a hybrid dredge pump drive system to reduce the effect of load variations.

The vessel is also equipped with dual fuel engines and LNG tanks, ensuring compliance with all of the international emission requirements within the Sulphur Emission Control Areas (SECA).