DCI kicks off beach nourishment work for VPT

Sri K. Rama Mohana Rao, the Chairman of Visakhapatnam Port Trust and Dredging Corporation of India Ltd (DCI), inaugurated the 2020-21 Beach Nourishment Works at RK Beach today.

According to DCI, these important job will be conducted with their massive trailing suction hopper dredger Dredge XX.

Speaking at the event, the Chairman said that every citizen needs to respect and protect the nature, otherwise it reacts badly.

DCI Photo

Elaborating on the beach nourishment work, he said that “during monsoon season, the sand material at beach gets eroded, affecting the Kursura area and also adjoining roads.”

To protect the beach from erosion and for beach nourishment work, VPT will conduct a three year contract agreement with DCIL.

For this year’s task, DCI has deployed the Dredge XX to work at the VPT sand trap area, pumping the dredged material through the floating pipelines to the Kursura spots, situated 4 kilometers from the area.

DCI photo

The Chairman further added that the work of beach nourishment is being taking up by VPT under Corporate Social Responsibility, along with other works such as sprinkling polymer on coal to form a cohesive layer so that coal dust does not spread out due to wind.

Sri Rajesh Tripathi, MD&CEO, Prof Dr. G.Y.V. Victor, MD&CEO designate, Shri J. Pradeep Kumar, CVO, Cap. S.Divakar, CGM and other senior officials from DCI attended the event.

Photo: DCI