Seawick Sea Defenses work nears end

A project to improve the sea defenses protecting a popular holiday destination on the Essex coast is nearing completion.

The Seawick Sea Defenses project is being carried out by Mackley as the main subcontractor to Van Oord, and on behalf of the Environment Agency.


The scheme is improving and extending the rock armour around the seawall at Seawick, Essex in two areas: ‘Hutley’s Gap’ and a secondary area to the west.

According to Mackley, this will better protect against current and future erosion and extend the useful life of the seawall.

Work started in the autumn and is nearing completion.

Expected completion is early 2021 rather than the end of 2020, due to additional work instructed by the client.

Also, Mackley identified signs of damage to the gabion baskets and evidence of water ingress eroding material under the platform at Hutley’s Gap.

The project team worked together to find a timely solution that could be undertaken within this scheme to avoid costly remobilization at a later date: piling and concrete works to repair part of the concrete platform at Hutley’s Gap and adding extra rock to better protect against erosion.

To better improve public access at the western end of the new rock revetment, a permanent staircase has been designed to replace the current temporary staircase arrangement in place at the moment; and this is due to be installed around Easter.