Weeks Marine completes Morehead City works

Weeks Marine has successfully completed Morehead City Harbor dredging and beach nourishment project.

The cutterhead dredge JS Chatry completed maintenance dredging in the “cutoff” range of the Morehead City Harbor on St. Patrick’s Day with concurrent beach nourishment along the shorelines of Ft. Macon and Atlantic Beach, the Carteret County announced.

“The contractor has been in demobilization mode ever since, including dis-assembling the long pipeline that emanated from the harbor and extended to the Circle in Atlantic Beach – roughly 2.63 miles of active nourishment line and another 1.62 miles (roughly) of line extending from the dredge to the start of the beachfill,” the county officials said.

During the works, an estimated total of 1,070,705 cubic yards (cy) has been excavated/dredged from the harbor with one very small “After Dredge” survey remaining (686,697 cy from Range A, 151,240 cy from Range B, and 232,768 from the Cutoff). This is very close to the bid amount of 1,143,000 cy, which was originally developed in mid 2020.

Photo: Carteret County