New Sharkuda dredger for Phillips & Jordan

Phillips & Jordan, a woman-owned, heavy civil and infrastructure contractor established in 1952, recently launched a brand new Sharkuda dredger, built by DSC.

“Christened after our Chairwoman, this swinging ladder dredger is the latest addition to our marine fleet as we expand our in-house dredging abilities with the latest technology,” the company said. photo

The Sharkuda Class dredger features a swinging ladder design specifically patented for wide deep swings.

“Available with diesel or electric power, the Sharkuda can reach dredging depths down to 43 feet (13.1 m),” DSC said.

Standard discharge sizes range from 12 inches (300 mm) to 18 inches (450 mm).

Ideal dredging applications include aggregate mining, lake management, river dredging, contract dredging, environmental clean-up and coastal restoration.