Oceanside Harbor dredging update

The City of Oceanside Harbor has just released the latest update on their dredging program, saying that Manson Construction started dredging work on Tuesday, April 13.

Under the official plan, they will deposit sand at North Coast Village for three days and then move to Surfrider for one day.

After that, they will move the dredge outfall pipe to the north side of the Pier, where they will deposit sand for two days.

At that point, they expect to have dredged approximately 150,000 cubic yards of sand.

“The contract calls for dredging 250,000 cubic yards of sand, however the City’s contribution this year will add another 50,000 c/y for a total of 300,000 c/y,” the City said.

“Therefore, Manson expects to deposit the remaining 150,000 c/y of sand south of the pier.”

If the weather holds up, dredging should be completed by April 27.

Demobilization of all pipe and equipment should be finished by May 4th.

Photo: City of Oceanside Harbor