Six CSDs assembled and ready for action

Six cutter suction dredgers (CSDs) for Secretaria de Marina were quickly fully assembled, Damen said in their latest update.


At the moment, they are undergoing final preparations, right before leaving the Veracruz harbour.

In the following days, the CSDs will be towed to Tabasco for their first job – a river maintenance project.

Damen photo

Dredging works in the State of Tabasco

Under the contract, five standard dredgers type CSD500 and one type CSD450 have been manufactured and customised at the Damen yard.

The Mexican government recently announced that within the framework of the implementation of the “Dredging Works in the State of Tabasco”, the Secretaria de Marina dredgers began work on the González River.

The first stage of works will take place in the González River and at the mouth of the Grijalva River.

The second stage is expected to begin with the dredging of the tributaries in Jalpa de Méndez, Nacajuca and Villahermosa; finally finishing with the third stage in the Sierra and Samaria-Carrizal river systems.