Lekki Port Project moves ahead

Construction of Nigeria’s Lekki Deep Sea Port Project is progressing in an orderly manner – despite the global health crisis – and 54.71% of the construction work has been completed, China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) reports.

The project will totally change Nigeria’s business development model, said a Nigerian official, adding that its operation will help make the cargo turnover faster and logistics costs much lower.

With the improvement of business convenience, people will witness the rapid economic growth of Nigeria.

By mid-June, the port had already brought more than 1,200 jobs to Nigeria, with local technical and managerial staff accounting for over 80% of the total workforce.

After completion, the project will create, directly and indirectly, over 170,000 job opportunities for locals.

As the largest modern deep-sea port in West and Central Africa, it is set to bring major changes to the shipping and economic structure of the entire region.

The project is predicted to be put into operation in 2023.

Photo: CCCC