Review of coastal defence management for Scarborough

Proposals for a review of Scarborough’s coastal defences strategy will go before Scarborough Borough councillors next week.

Scarborough Borough Council

The Environment Agency is covering the cost of the fresh assessment of the risks posed by land erosion and sea flooding.

A specialist team will investigate the likely issues over the next 100 years and recommend measures to best manage the coastline between Scalby Mills and Holbeck

“The information will assist us when we bid for money if any coast protection schemes are required in the future,” said the council.

There has been considerable investment in coastal protection in recent years.

However, some of the existing defences are old and may require upgrading or replacement as they approach the end of their useful life.

In South Bay, the study will focus on the problem of sea flooding along Foreshore Road where the effects of climate change and rising sea levels pose a particular challenge.

Councillors will be asked to approve the appointment of a specialist team to carry out the assessment when they meet on Tuesday, 20 July.

They will build on work carried out in 2009 with the impact of climate change and coastal monitoring data included as part of the overall study.