Nags Head beach survey work underway

Survey crews with McKim & Creed have started hydrographic and land-based beach surveys needed for the Nags Head’s beach restoration project.

According to the town’s officials, the surveys which started last week will continue over the next few weeks as part of the annual beach monitoring work.

“You may see their employees walking on the beach or driving an ATV or pick up truck to transport equipment or personnel,” the town officials said. “Also, their hydrographic surveys will be conducted using vessels approximately 22-28 feet in length, so don’t be surprised to see a boat coming in close to shore at times.”

When completed, these surveys will provide more detailed information on the amount of sand needed for the 2022 beach replenishment project.

The Nags Head beachfill is set to take place sometime between late spring and early fall of 2022 from about Jennette’s Pier near Mile Post 16 south to Nags Head’s corporate limits abutting Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

It will take over 550,000 cubic yards of sand to replace what was lost during 2019’s Hurricane Dorian.

The town officials expect that the dredging contractor will likely provide a preliminary schedule for the work early next year.

Photo: Town of Nags Head