Seaway Entrance dredging set for next month

Dredging of the North Channel is on track to finish this week and all the dredged sand has been used to replenish the sand lost by winter storms at Narrowneck.

According to the Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA) latest project update, dredging of the Seaway Entrance will commence in early October to remove shoaling and restore its target depth.

“These operational works are vital for improving navigational safety and our waterways connections and replenishing the beaches we love,” said GCWA.

GCWA photo

The waterways are a significant contributor to the local economy. accounting for over 10,000 direct and indirect jobs and contributing $200 million to the local economy every year.

According to GCWA, these waterways must be protected and maintained so that they continue to enrich the lives of residents and visitors.

GCWA manages the waterways south of the Logan River to the New South Wales border.

Photo: GCWA