Dredging Solutions wraps up Manning River South job

Dredging Solutions’ cutter suction dredger “Ruby K” and their team of highly trained operators have shown once again how good planning and execution leads to exceptional results.

Dredging Solutions

Approximately 33,010m3 of accumulated sediments were removed from within the Scotts Creek, Manning River South, and Farquhar Park jetty access channels.

Dredging Solutions photo

The dredged sediments were used to replenish sand along Old Bar Beach and enhance the local shorebird habitat which has already led to the successful hatching of a Pied Oystercatcher chick. 

Dredging Solutions Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company specialising in the provision of dredging, dewatering and beach nourishment services.

Their head office is located in Sydney and operations depot at Townsend, on the NSW north coast.